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A-1 has been the mosted trusted name in bail for over 40 years. Our success comes from our dedication and professionalism given to our clients. You can rely on our expert agents that are the discreet and friendly. Below are some of the Ocala Bail Bonds services that A-1 Bail Bonds offers to our clients when needing a bail bond. With our innovative technology it has never been easier to post bail bonds.

Rapid Release

Have a warrant? We offer Rapid Release, the fastest release program to get you in and out of jail. Don't spend a minute more in jail than you have to.

Easy Payment Plan

A-1 offers the easiest & most affordable payment plan in the county. No need to stress. Plans are tailored to our clients.

Staffed 24/7

A-1 Bail Bonds is the only agency with the office staffed 24/7. You’ll never get an answering machine.

No Collateral

In most cases no collateral needed. Call one of our experienced bail bondsman today to inquire more.

Expert Consultations

Have questions about the bail bonds process? A-1 bail bonds agents are here to help answer any questions

Mobile Bail

A-1 Bail Bonds use state of art technology that allow you to get bail bonds posted from anywhere in the United States. All you need is a phone or a computer and an email.

Warrant Check

Our professional bail bonds agents will check for a warrant anywhere in the United States.

Nationwide Bail

Any Jail, Anywhere Anytime, Any Amount State, Federal, Immigration

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